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The mark we make on the world is every bit as important to us as the beautiful
jewelry we make. Here at Jeulia, we're proud to give back to organizations
that we believe are making a difference in the world, and we're just getting started.
With every charity jewelry
you purchase, Jeulia will give
back to the outstanding
nonprofit partners who
are carefully selected .
Our partnership with Oceanic Preservation Society
We are excited to kick off the partnership with Oceanic Preservation Society(OPS)!
OPS is a California-registered nonprofit organization, which is committed to sustainability and
the preservation of our oceans and the planet. We believe in the miraculous healing properties
of the ocean, and their hard work to protect our environment perfectly aligns with our
You shop. Jeulia gives.
We will donate $2.00 per unit sale of each product in the Marine Collection and Mermaid Collection.
Our partnership with Give Back to Nature
We are proud to announce our partnership with Give Back to Nature!
Give Back to Nature is a Quebec-registered project, whose first goal will be to help plant One
Million Trees in developing countries, thus rebuilding the natural landscapes destroyed by deforestation.
By partnering with Give Back to Nature, we have contributed in planting 250 trees.
You shop. Jeulia gives.
We will donate $2.00 per unit sale of each product in the Tree of Life Collection, which will help plant 10 trees.


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